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Looking for an off-the-shelf trust administration system?

enVisual360 - Complete trust & company administration software.


  • Designed for offshore trust & company administration.

  • Fit for purpose; works right out-of-the-box.

  • Licensed by module; buy what you need.

  • Highly scalable.

  • Multi-currency / multi-jurisdiction.

  • Integrated compliance, document management and accounting.

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Most systems require you to purchase all available modules, not enVisual. License only the modules you need - which saves you money and lets you grow at your pace.

Entity Administrator is our statutory module for enVisual and manages all key data and statutory transactions for your companies, trusts, foundations as well as other user-definable entity types.

Due to it's tight integration with the enVisual CRM, critical compliance information for all associated individuals as well as your other entities are managed centrally and elegantly.

When implemented with our accounting modules, enVisual provides a complete trust accounting software solution as well as a formidable company administration and accounting solution.

More about the module;

enVisual Entity administrator

Entity Administrator provides you with;

Multi-jurisdiction statutory database
automated relationship management
FATCA / CRS obligations
Trust distributions history
Officer and shareholder registers
Beneficial owner management
Integrated compliance and alerts
Document production and management
Optional integration to accounting modules
Self-auditing alert system - always watching your data 

CRM 360's alerts module uses a proactive rules-based alerts engine to constantly monitor your data for rule breaches (such as passport expiration) as well as for missing data.

Your critical data managed in one central place

Vital client compliance data is validated and managed in the CRM /Compliance module. Key KYC data including associated documents, addresses and dates. CRM 360 is loaded with user-defined fields so you won't be short of storage.

Communications history stored in comms log

CRM 360 includes a comms log to keep a complete audit trail of all communications with your clients, which integrates with Outlook.

enVisual CRM 360 tools to help you comply

Integrated sanction list scans

Add the LiveScan 360 function to allow sanction and watchlist scans to be performed directly from the CRM with results posted in your audit trails.

FATCA / CRS compliance

enVisual 360 is fully FATCA/CRS compliant, including data capture and validation as well as XML exports.

Powerful workflow tools

Administrator 360 can be integrated with our powerful workflow tool Process 360 which provides full business process modelling/task-linked capabilities to your compliance team.

Integrates with enVisual 360

Administrator 360 is just one of many integrated enVisual 360 modules. You can add Document management, CRM / Compliance (mandatory), Accounting, AIR web portal and more.

Compliance dashboard tool

The compliance dashboard allows you to view the status of all of your client data quickly and easily. View across the firm or by client.

Automatic structure charts

CRM 360 includes a powerful relationships manager, the auto-charting function helps you visualise these structures to highlight possible compliance issues with relationships.

Darrel Johnson, Partner

enVisual is modular so we only needed to purchase the pieces that fit with our business; enVisual is scalable so it can grow as our business grows; enVisual is designed and focussed on the client relationship through the excellent CRM; compliance is built in throughout the system; the LiveFile document management system is completely integrated; and it’s easy to use.

Circle Group, CEO

We were looking for a software product that included a powerful CRM, workflow and document management capabilities to support our global business. Three years into the implementation enVisual is a vital part of our growing organisation. Running over our private cloud we have since implemented accounting, corporate secretarial and centralised global billing. We have a great relationship with the enSynergy team and enjoy great benefits from their products.

Moore Stephens, Partner

We like enVisual as a product due to it's modular nature which gives us the ability to implement stage by stage across our business.


We like enSynergy as a vendor due to the proactive approach of the principals, and the reactiveness to our needs which is over and above other industry vendors.

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