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Business as usual during COVID-19 pandemic with enVisual cloud.

Covid-19 cloud access to client data, enVisual.

Self-isolation due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, has forced many businesses to relocate employees from offices to, remotely working from home. For businesses operating in the financial services sector it is critical that these employees continue to have consistent, unhindered and secure access to client information from their remote locations. Fortunately enVisual360 can be operated from a cloud environment, making the jump from central office to home office seamless in terms of client data access, meaning business as usual. With enVisual360 hosted on a private or public cloud all of our modules from CRM/Compliance, entity administration, document management or accounting are all accessible from remote locations; simply, securely and productively. Here's how one of our clients described their experience;

"Like other firms, our office switched to a home office due to the Corona Virus outbreak. We are located in several countries and our entire office was able to work efficiently due, in large part, to enVisual. We could access all client files and information in enVisual and felt confident of the security of the document management software system. We were very impressed and happy with how efficient working remotely turned out due to having enVisual."

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