No problem with Documents360 document & file management for enVisual. 

Documents360 is our enterprise document management system which is fully integrated with the enVisual CRM360 module. Your files are linked to enVisual entities (individuals/companies/trusts etc.) along with other metadata to make your search simple and fast. Documents360 is safe and secure with rapid search  - even across a global cloud network.

key features
  • Thoroughbred document & file management system
  • Integrated with enVisual CRM360
  • Highly secure, database-driven, utilzes our LiveFile technologies
  • Can support fully 'locked-down' file systems
  • 'Serves up' files to enVisual modules - ideal for compliance
  • Rapid posting from Office applications and multi-function devices
  • Automatic posting of enVisual generated files

Don't let this 

'innocent bystander'

walk away with your client files.

The confidentiality of your client files is paramount to your firm. With the impact of the leaking of the 'Panama papers' and more recently 'Paradise papers' still being felt around the globe, don't let your firm be next.

If your vital client files can be seen, they can be copied off your system on to a simple USB stick and carried out your front door.

How many more cases of file theft do you need to read about before you take action?

The Documents360 document management system can be implemented in total 'lock-down' mode completely protecting your files from file theft.

Some of the key measures include;

  • Full encryption of all files and documents

  • Files stored as database objects

  • Support for 'hidden' network file systems

  • Full audit trail covering all file access

  • File/document access limited to the Documents360 interface

How does this help you?

Simply, when deployed this way Documents360 will ensure maximum protection of your vital client files from theft. With an encrypted, locked-down file system even the most technical network specialist will have serious problems finding let alone copying your client files!


Protect your files now!

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