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Integrated Wealth
Management Software.

Transform Your Financial Services Firm with a Fully Integrated, Secure, Client Management Platform.
Welcome to enVisual.
enVisual centralizes your data and utilizes powerful encryption, providing you with comprehensive access control and peace of mind.

Experience the ultimate solution for efficiently managing companies, trusts, mutual funds, and family offices, all integrated into a secure and user-friendly system. Host enVisual exactly where you want, whether it's on the public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise, it provides seamless accessibility and control.

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple systems and hello to streamlined efficiency with our all-in-one solution. Get started today and experience the peace of mind that comes with having everything in one place.

License only the modules you need from the world's leading wealth management software provider & secure your data where you want it.

CRM & Entity Compliance

Company & Trust Administration

Document Management

Mutual Fund Administration & Accounting

Asset Management

ultimate solution for managing companies, trusts, and family offices

Centralise your client data in one location.

Stop building spreadsheets and other data silos for critical client information. By securely storing all client documents, files, communications and financials in a central location, access security and productivity are significantly improved.

Over 750,000 entities managed... and counting.

Our community love enVisual and we're sure you will too.  Arrange a call with us today to book a free requirements analysis and system trial. 

Designed for

enVisual company administration software

Corporate Service Firms

enVisual trust administration software

Trust Administration Firms

enVisual trust administration software

Wealth Management Firms

enVisual family office administration software

Family Offices

enVisual fund NAV administration software

Fund Administration Firms

License our elegant tools that you require, when you need them.

Financial compliance CRM & entity administration

Our CRM is tailored to meet the needs of financial professionals, with an emphasis on global entity compliance. Add our Administrator module to manage entity and family structures, such as companies, trusts, and others.

Integrated document management

By securely storing all client documents, communications, and files in a central location, access security and productivity are significantly improved.

& financials

enVisual Financials provides comprehensive accounting software with the highest level of security.  It offers a unified platform for managing company, corporate, and trust accounting, as well as powerful asset and fund/NAV accounting.


Great features.

LiveWealth UBO beneficial owner charting software

Beneficial ownership charts.

Our LiveWealth module uses system data to automatically create charts of intricate Beneficial Ownership setups, such as those involving trusts and extensive family structures.  Importantly, the security protocols of the system determine what information is presented.

Dash CRM risk 1.png

Beautiful dashboards.

Create beautiful and easy-to-manage dashboards to present your data, anything from risk alerts to business trends, and other essential key performance indicators (KPIs).

Easy to use workflow.

With the FlowPath visual workflow tool, you can move through crucial stages of your important business processes quickly and easily, ensuring you never miss a step.

enVisual workflow software

Artificially intelligent.

The onboard 24/7 "AI" rules engine is always watching your data for rule breaches, upcoming deadlines, and other configurable scenarios. Trust us, it's got your back!

trust company software

Private client data, let's keep it that way.

Your clients have entrusted you with their valuable data, and it's your responsibility to protect it with utmost care. With enVisual's architecture and powerful data encryption, you can be assured that client data will be safeguarded, whether it's hosted on a single-tenant cloud or on your own fileservers. We believe that data is sacred, and we're committed to maintaining its sanctity.

What people have to say

Georgina Villeneuve - Canadian Trust Company

"The trust area of our financial institution saw exponential growth over the last few years; so we began the search for what we thought would be an impossible software to find that could meet our CRM, AML, accounting, live files and so forth. After months of searching, I came across enVisual and immediately reached out to their team to see if we would fit into their model and if their model would fit our needs. enVisual/enSynergy has far and above met our needs and expectations.  The real cool things about the enVisual product is it is not a one size fits all product.  The team at enVisual/enSynergy will work with you to identify what areas of their vast line of choices within the software will best provide a benefit to your business.  Since implementing the software I just cannot understand how we managed our line of business without the software.  Please feel free to get my contact information from the team if your require further information."

More on our modules.

Central CRM/Compliance

CRM360 is the core entity-centric CRM module within enVisual, boasting a robust contact management system equipped with an extensive array of KYC/AML and compliance tools. Whether you choose to host it on your own servers or opt for the convenience of a full SaaS cloud service, enVisual ensures a powerful and seamless experience.


Company/trust administration

Administrator360 offers a comprehensive range of tools for effectively managing companies, trusts, foundations, partnerships, and more.  Seamlessly integrated with the CRM360 module, this platform securely stores all essential statutory data in a centralized and user-friendly system.

Document management

LiveFile360, our document management and document store solution, ensures the protection of your client documents and files in a secure, encrypted database platform.  With efficient uploading capabilities through workflow and email, and simple/fast search using our powerful search engine. LiveFile seamlessly integrates with other enVisual modules, making it easily accessible in various areas, including entity compliance, accounting transactions, and our customer web portal, echelon.

E-document management, online documentation database, paperless office concept. Businessma
Office Desk


Effectively manage client and trust accounting, along with your corporate accounting, using our advanced multi-ledger, multi-currency general ledger solution, GL360. If you require enhanced capabilities, you can opt for the complete accounting suite which encompasses billing, sales ledgers, timesheets, and work-in-progress tracking. All these modules seamlessly integrate and are complemented by an array of visually appealing reports in our report library.

Asset management

The Assets360 module tracks investments managed on behalf of your clients. This module accommodates various asset categories, spanning from traded investments and currencies to valuable assets like artworks and real estate. Assets360 facilitates revaluations, incorporating capital and forex analysis, alongside providing support for depreciation tracking.

Dash CRM risk 1.png
CRM 360 sellers Wix warped.png

Fund administration/NAV

For small or emerging funds, our mutual fund module, NAV360, presents an ideal choice. Its impressive range of capabilities is matched only by its cost-effectiveness in comparison to other available fund solutions. NAV360 is compatible with both open and closed funds, capable of conducting comprehensive NAV calculations when integrated with the GL360 general ledger.  Additionally, NAV360 incorporates scheduled fees and offers access to a robust reporting library.  When seeking a fund administration and accounting system, avoid paying too much by opting for NAV360.
Learn more.

Customer portals

Introducing our secure web portal solution, echelon, which enables seamless and secure information sharing between your team and customers/third parties. Your customers gain the ability to efficiently upload and download selective documents from the LiveFile360 document store. Enhancing communication, echelon offers a secure messaging system as a reliable alternative to less secure tools like email. By utilizing echelon, you empower your customers while elevating the quality of your service provision.

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CRM/entity compliance
Compay/trust admin
LiveFile DMS
GL360 Accounting
Asset360 Asset mangement
NAV360 fund administraton

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