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Managing high volumes of incorporations can take it out of you and your firm.

Company formation firms have requirments largely in excess of those of other corporate services firms. The sheer volume of companies that must be managed not only during incorporation but often throughout the life of the entity are usually outside the scope of corporate secretarial software applications.  Your business and staff can suffer greatly when tasks and deadlines set by Government regulators are not met.

Typical issues

  • Large volumes of company incorporations with associated volumes of: 

    • KYC and related due diligence

    • corporate document production / management

    • Government charge settlement

    • Customer invoicing (initial and annual)

    • Late payment penalty management

    • Company strike-offs

    • Reconciliation of Government fee recovery

    • Tracking of Government deadlines

  • Linking introducer to underlying companies

  • Managing many of the above tasks at the introducer level

  • Internal accounting challenges associated with the above structure and volumes.

How enVisual helps

  • enVisual views are optimised to support large volume record sets, and include powerful filtering tools for fine-tuning

  • The enCentral relationships manager allows linkage of introducers to underlying companies. Relationships are included in the view filters

  • Key modules include:

    • enCentral CRM

    • enSecretary

    • Compliance

    • enFee billing

    • enAccount accounting ledgers

    • LiveFile document management

  • Powerful enFee enterprise billing module includes functions specifically designed for large volumes of customers:

    • automated / scheduled billing engine

    • profile based billing (sharable)

    • variable based billing, ideal for bills based on share structures

    • Fast - annual billing runs typically performed in minutes

  • Compliance module delivering:

    • workflow based KYC / review processes

    • Rules based regular data validation via 'AI' sub module

    • User alerts based on rule breaches

  • LiveFile document manager module delivering:

    • Automated capture all incoming emails and attachment

    • Storage of all corporate documents generated by enVisual

    • documents and files shared with enVisual AIR web portal.

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