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Trust & Company administration software,  scaled to match your budget.

enVisual Entity Administrator -  company and trust administration, with optional accounting...
Trust & company administration & accounting sorted.

With Administrator360, you'll have everything you need to keep your company and trust administration in check. This powerful software integrates tightly with the CRM, making it easy to manage critical compliance information for all associated individuals. Plus, you can easily create and manage other user-defined entity types. So why wait? Get Administrator360 today.

  • Store and manage your detail ledgers:

  • multi category / currency share register

  • officer / member register

  • Resolution / minute history

  • trust beneficiaries / settlors / protectors

  • full distribution history


Entity Administrator comes packed with automation tools to make it simple to administer your company and trust entities. Here are just a few:

  • Workflow wizard based end-to-end entity creation

  • entity creation templates

  • self-auditing checklists advising you when vital data is missing or stale

  • automatic maintenance of entity relationship tree

  • rules engine monitoring transactions and overall database content

  • Automatic production of resolution documents and minutes

  • Automatic posting of documents to LiveFile document manager

  • Links to billing profiles allowing fees based on variables such as share structures

Priced to fit any budget

Like other selected enVisual modules, Entity Administrator is available in both 'Enterprise' and 'Boutique' editions. Administrator Boutique is designed for smaller / start-up firms who are keen to take advantage of it's entry-level pricing. There are a number of restrictions in the Boutique edition compared that of the Enterprise edition, you can find out more about enVisual Boutique by clicking the link below.


Entity Administrator operates beautifully straight out of the box, however it also comes with many user definable characteristics including;

  • user maintainable entity types

  • pages of user definable fields to supplement the standard system data fields

  • Should you still require additional fields, Administrator can be supplemented by our enProcess workflow module, which enables the creation of a limitless number of user definable data objects. 

Integrated compliance

enVisual includes compliance tools throughout the system, however here are some of the ways Entity Administrator makes use of the system-wide compliance tools:

  • Workflow driven data capture complete with rules based data validation

  • 'Application Intelligence' (AI) rules engine to constantly monitor system data against set rules

  • Alerts and escalation tools when rules are breached

  • Extended data capture forms for FATCA and CRS requirements

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Workflow driven

Workflow is available throughout the enVisual system. For users this takes the form of 'wizard' forms, which guide you though the procedure, which are linked to tasks. For management / compliance workflow ensures that vital procedures are followed correctly and timely. Workflow can basically model any business process, in the case of Entity Administrator trust and company administration workflow can be used to provide control many important procedures including:

  • new entity creation and company incorporation

  • trust distributions

  • share issues

  • company closure

  • periodic reviews

  • Any other business process

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key features
  • Complete entity administration including trusts, companies, foundations, partnerships and user-defined entity types

  • Simple to use, straight out of the box

  • Integrated with enVisual CRM entities

  • All essential sub-ledgers and registers

  • Huge amount of user-defined data fields

  • Support for multi-currency and multiple jurisdictions

  • Workflow wizard based data maintenance

  • Production of jurisdictional forms, minutes and resolutions

  • Rules based control over data maintenance with alerts

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