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Now a mutual fund system for SME firms.

Once upon a time, mutual fund software was so expensive - it was mutually exclusive...

to large firms. 

Not any more.

Meet enNAV

The affordable mutual fund administration and accounting software for smaller firms.

enNAV offers you a mutual fund administration module that fully integrates with enVisual CRM and accounting modules, providing a full administration and accounting solution at a fraction of the cost of larger systems.

NAV calculation

Integrate with enVisuals accounting modules and allow enNAV to calculate NAVs automatically. enNAV also supports imported NAVs.

Multiple fund structures

Support for:

  • open and closed funds

  • sub funds

  • multiple series

  • private equity funds

  • property funds

  • PCC structures

Holder compliance via enCentral CRM

Integrate with enVisuals CRM / compliance modules to provide complete compliance controls over holders, funds and third parties. 

Holder communications

Again, using the enVisual CRM all communications with holders including offer documents, valuation statements (produced by enNAV) can be communicated using the communications module within the CRM.

Simple, efficient and with a complete audit trail. 

Key features

  • multi-currency fund administration

  • priced for smaller firms / start-up funds

  • supports multiple fund structures including

    • open and closed funds

    • sub funds

    • multiple series

    • PCC structures

  • integrates with enVisual for:

    • full accounting

    • NAV calculation

    • CRM compliance / holder communications

  • supports NAV import

  • full NAV history

  • supports private equity funds and property funds

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