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Now - a CRM system that focuses on Clients not products

Introducing the enCentral CRM, designed for financial service firms

As a financial services provider one of your main focal points is your client, including who they are, what activities they are involved in and how they interact with your firm.  By lacking sufficient knowledge in these areas you are placing your firm at extreme compliance risk.  


Most CRM systems are designed for sales businesses and are 'product-centric' and do not cater for critical client data required by financial services firms. Our enCentral CRM module was designed from the ground up to be 'client-centric' meaning that it focuses on the client / entity.   You can store all relevant information including compliance data at the client / entity level, which is then shared efficiently across the entire enVisual system.

Works straight out of the box


As with other enVisual modules, enCentral CRM is fit for purpose requiring little if any configuration before use. As such it will be immediately productive for you and your staff.

CRM organisation chart automatically generated by enVisual CRM

Automatic structure and organisation charts


To help you accurately see relationships between your entities, the enCentral CRM can automatically build organisation charts based on system / entity relationships, on demand.

Compliance add-ons

The optional compliance pack for enCentral provides additional tools for your compliance requirements including;

  • Additional data capture forms supplementing the standard system fields and user-definable fields

  • 'Application Intelligence' (AI) module, which includes our system-wide rules engine. AI includes a set of customisable system rules and an 'agent' which constantly monitors your entire database and alerts on rule breaches.

  • The compliance add-on supplements the main compliance tools provided by the enSecretary company / trust administration and enProcess workflow modules. Read more about these tools using the link below. 

key features
  • Client (party) - centric data structure designed for financial service firms
  • Integrated task / diary manager
  • Integrated communications manager
  • Single click access to client documents
  • Single click access to compliance data
  • Marketing sub-module including campaign management
  • Customisable views
  • Outlook integration
  • Highly scalable
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