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Best-of-breed client/trust accounting software  - Accounting360.

enVisual accounting modules

The enVisual Accounting360, our multi-entity / multi-currency accounting system.  Available in 'Simple' and 'Advanced' versions, with Simple including just the GL and Advanced including the following integrated sub-modules;

  • General ledger

  • Billing360 - enterprise billing/sales ledger

  • Creditors360 - creditors ledger

  • Practice360 - timesheets / Work-in-Progress ledger.

Accounting360 - general ledger

Key features:

  • full multi-currency including automated revaluation

  • multi-entity ledgers

  • Support for transaction import

  • native support for trust capital/income division

  • support for transaction import

  • cross-client posting

  • multi-level consolidations

  • Full VAT reporting

  • support for divisional/departmental accounting

  • powerful transactional analysis (DNA / traits)

  • Third-party cost recovery reconciliation module ('ROR') 

  • Flexible reporting

Billing360 - enterprise billing / sales ledger

Key features:

  • multi-currency billing module with open item sales ledger

  • support for multiple billing entities

  • comprehensive fee styles incl. profile-based, product, time, ad hoc, data variable

  • powerful fee scheduler

  • batch/volume-based billing

  • electronic distribution of fees/statements

  • shared billing profiles

  • rapid settlements procedure

  • customised procedures engine to further automate group billing

  • Third-party cost recovery reconciliation module ('ROR') 

  • Flexible reporting module

  • Note: Billing360 is included with the Practice360 sub-module

Creditors360 - creditors ledger

Key features:

  • multi-currency, open item purchase ledger module

  • support for multiple 'master' entities

  • integrated with Accounting360 GL and Practice360 WiP

  • supplier invoice line level WiP recovery

  • support for payment discounts and charges

  • cheque production

  • shared billing profiles

  • rapid settlements procedure

  • Flexible reporting module

Assets360 - investment and asset ledger

Key features:

  • multi-currency investment ledger linked to Accounting360 general ledger

  • supports multiple, user-definable portfolios

  • integrated precious assets ledger

  • powerful mapping to GL accounts

  • centralised instruments and prices allowing on the spot valuations

  • strong support for transactional imports

  • Transactions can be entered/edited in addition to imports

  • can be integrated with enNAV mutual funds module for NAVs

  • support for a large number of instruments including fixed interest securities

  • integrated settlements module

  • support for bulk capital actions

  • powerful reporting module

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