Bulletproof management of your Wealth Clients, 
from Anywhere. 

Wealth management software has never been more important. enVisual360 gives you the power to manage your clients' wealth from anywhere. It's reliable, efficient, and secure - so you can focus on what you do best, advising your clients and growing your business. 

When you need to manage the wealth of your clients from anywhere in the world, there's no better solution than enVisual360. The software has been purpose-built for Family Offices, trust administration and corporate services firms with features specifically designed to meet their unique challenges - so they can feel confident knowing that everything will be taken care of seamlessly.

enVisual360 is the only software solution designed to meet your unique challenges. enVisual's purpose-built platform can be implemented in two ways: locally on-premise or as a cloud-based service accessible from anywhere in the world via a web browser!

enVisual360 software modules - the tools you're missing...

CRM / compliance

At the heart of CRM360 is a complete repository for all your client and prospect data. This includes compliance and KYC information, making it a breeze to stay on top of your obligations. Integrated task and calendar management make it easy to keep track of your commitments, while powerful links to document management make it a snap to find the information you need. CRM360 is simple to use and yet exceedingly powerful, giving you the edge you need to succeed in today's competitive marketplace.

Entity administration

Administrator360 is the solution for administrators who need to manage the static data associated with entities like companies, trusts, foundations and partnerships. With Administrator360, you can automate the production of structure charts, documents, forms and resolutions - making your job a lot easier. Plus, our software is highly scalable so it can support large volumes of records.

CRMDoc landing.png
Document management

How many times have you gone looking for an important document, only to waste hours combing through a disorganized mess of papers? If you're like most people, the answer is too many to count. But there's no need to keep struggling with an inefficient system - there's a better way.  LiveFile360 is our innovative document management system that will streamline the way you store and retrieve important files. With features like secure encryption, version control, and audit trails, LiveFile360 provides a tightly controlled way to keep your documents safe and easy to access. And because it's integrated with other enVisual modules, using LiveFile360 is a snap.


Looking for a complete accounting solution that is simple to use and productive? Look no further than Accounting360!

Our full accounting suite includes modules for GL, enterprise billing/sales ledger, purchase ledger, timesheet and expense/work-in-progress.


All accounting is multi-entity, multi-currency and supports client company/trust accounting as well as corporate accounting. Functionally rich yet easy to use, Accounting360 is the perfect solution for your business needs!

BPM / workflow

Critical business processes and procedures can be modelled within enVisual using the Process360 workflow module.  Workflow provides tight control and validation of data as it moves through an organisation.  Workflow is very useful when applied to processes like client take-on or transaction monitoring.  

Client web portal

Our integrated client web portal, 'enVisual AIR' provides secure internet access to third-party clients and interested parties. AIR provides controlled access to wealth clients of related entities as well as associated documents, online.  AIR also provides a secure messaging module where clients can upload files and instructions without the need for email.

Other key features

integrated wealth management software

Integrated & centralised client data

Thanks to a centralised database structure, your data is efficiently stored and shared throughout the system without replication; a must for compliance. 


Local & remote access to data

enVisual can be hosted on-premise or in a cloud environment - your choice.  Cloud access offers secure access to parties such as remote employees. 


Scaled to suit your business

Whatever your organisation size, we have a solution to fit.  This includes buying only the modules you need.  We provide both off-the-shelf as well as bespoke solutions.   We aim to meet your budget.

Some introductory videos

What do we do?

enVisual360 - 'off-the-rack' software

enVisual360 is the single most powerful and flexible software system designed to manage and administer your clients, specifically those of modern wealth management firms.


We fit your budget.


Right out of the box, enVisual delivers a range of fully integrated core modules centred around a client-centric CRM module. We address your key needs including trust and company administration, trust and company accounting as well as your own business accounting. enVisual has been designed to satisfy your critical international compliance and accounting requirements.  As a purpose-built, 'off-the-rack'  application, enVisual is setup quickly, simple to master and is immediately productive.


enVisual is developed and globally supported by enSynergy with clients in 12 jurisdictions.  We also offer data migration as part of our implementation service.

trust accounting software
bespoke trust accounting software

+ bespoke solutions

Do you need something a little more tailored? enSynergy is one of the few firms to offer you bespoke software to complement our enVisual software. Over the years we have provided clients with custom forms and procedures to give a complete fit to their business requirements. As with the core enVisual system, global support is provided for our bespoke work, ensuring it continues to function optimally well into the future. enSynergy bespoke solutions enable you to acquire a tailored system which is fully supported, at an affordable price.

Who we are

enSynergy trust and company accounting software

enSynergy have been developing, implementing and supporting professional software to the financial services sector since 1996. Our industry experience enables us to deliver fit for purpose, track-proven software. We develop, implement and support our products, giving us an end-to-end responsibility to you.


Our customers include Trust firms, company formation agents, family offices, law firms, accounting firms, insurance firms and stock-brokers.

We pride ourselves in being a truly flexible vendor and business partner to our customers. This often takes the form of providing affordable bespoke solutions to provide the perfect solution to customer requirements.

Why enVisual360 ?

  • Purpose-built software - works right out of the box
  • Simple to use, fast to implement
  • Highly scalable in terms of users and transaction volumes
  • We developed enVisual rather than 'acquiring' it from another vendor; we offer better support
  • "Plays well" with other software products
  • Priced to your budget - purchase only the elements you need
  • Bespoke enhancements possible - fully supported by enSynergy
  • We are a very flexible supplier providing end-to-end support for our software.