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enVisual Boutique

The Big World Beater, for smaller firms.

Need time to grow into enVisual?


enVisual Boutique is a 'lighter' edition of enVisual Enterprise and is priced for SMEs and start-up operations. Boutique is lighter in terms of functionality and limited in terms of maximum users and managed entities. Once you are ready for the full power of Enterprise - simply purchase an Enterprise license key and twist the throttle.

You decide when.

Lower implementation costs

Because Boutique is functionally lighter than Enterprise, the implementation is much faster (usually it can be performed remotely by enSynergy) and training times are less. Both of these factors add up to a faster, cheaper implementation.

Easy upgrade path


You can upgrade Boutique to the full Enterprise edition of enVisual at any time simply be purchasing an Enterprise license key. All of your data is protected and investment in user training protected.

enVisual grows with you. 

Product comparison

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