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Put your customers in the driving seat.

Now it is possible for you to share enVisual data with your customers selectively, securely and efficiently via the AIR web portal tool.

AIR empowers your customers by allowing them to view selected data on demand, share documents and files as well as to communicate with you securely. Customers can also track the status of messages, empowering them.

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Secure, web based access to enVisual.

At a glance;

  • Customer portal for viewing selective enVisual data and documents

  • Secure messaging to and from customers

  • Product / service ordering facility

  • Full message tracking

  • Document upload / download facility

  • Store-and-release transaction gateway 


Security is obviously of vital importance, with the compromise of client data simply not an option. Accordingly we usually discuss the precise security measures employed within the AIR environment with you in person. In the meantime, here are some high level highlights;

  • Tight security via intermediary servers

  • Separation of application and database servers

  • Data channelling via secure stored procedures

  • Multi-level user authentication

  • You have complete control over what data is published

  • Store-and-release transaction gateway 

Fully responsive web portal to suite all web devices.

AIR includes a fully responsive deisgn so your data is displayed correctly regardless of the size of computer or portable device. Further, AIR's delivery design ensures that this continues into the future with new devices as they are developed and adopted by your portal users. 

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